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Dec 3, 2012 10:30pm PST
forementioned to the sea long little merraid at the cast ro. i was there one morn when it was going on and nude people. it was a glorious san francisco day, and i couldn't have been prouder of my city at that moment as i sat there and watched the healthy back and forth of families coming under ground and rush to see aerial and rushing past the naked people and everyday and so why we live in san francisco. i simply couldn't have been prouder. it struck me as extremely healthy and if you're concerned about the morals of your children discovering we're naked under our clothes maybe you shouldn't bring them to the theater on a saturday morning, and anyway i continue to be proud of my city, but unfortunately with this legislation it taxes one's patience and i am not in support of it. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public that would like to make public comment. next speaker please. >> if there is anyone in the over flow room now is the time to come in. >> i am mickey jones and we very much support your legislation. what has been going through my mind and listening to these c
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1